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Story Behind the Essays

As a student, she was always writing articles about the daily life and circumstances of those around her and her country, until she decided to work with a monthly magazine as a serious experience and write a series of essays for them. For a year, she collaborated with a monthly magazine called “Coffee News”, which was distributed in cultural centers and cafes in 20 provinces of the country, as well as in all parts of the Iran capital, Tehran , with the aim of entertaining readers, and providing useful information to individuals. Twelve essays from Mahdokht were published in this Monthly magazineHer Focus in these writings have been more about music, conveying a good mood and clarifying the readers' imaginations, and fortunately, she has received very good feedback for her essays from the readers.

Essays: Text

Wine Glass Of Love

Wine in a wine glass of love, last year after the performance. The same wine glass this year in the performance sings by itself... I see...

The Moon song

I’m talking about a time when women had to put their fingers in their mouths in the districts to call the individuals by changing their...

The Path of Life

At the end of the year, the wishes made at the beginning of the year are remembered, and that whether they are met to any extent! And, in...

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