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The Path of Life

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

At the end of the year, the wishes made at the beginning of the year are remembered, and that whether they are met to any extent! And, in case of achieving the wishes, what could have been obtained from them. Life is set of combining and goings… Undoubtedly. In the life of each of us, new people come and go every year, every month and every day. But, what do we get from those people, and how much can we influence them? It is important that new people can reveal some hidden thin in everybody’s life, which can either be good or bad. If they are good, we should follow them and bring them to the peak through the best way, and if they are bad, we should spoil them, right away. We face with sudden, bitter, and compulsory losing streak affect in such a way for us to appreciate all the comings, appreciate the rout of life, appreciate good and bad states in the rout of life. We all have been born, since there are unfinished tasks that should be finished by each of us, and we should sign their completion. Thus, we should try not to disappointed in the way of life, and we should know that there are things in this world that should be finished by us in proper ways. I believe that if every human makes a wish at every second, he will get it in an appropriate situation. We should pay attention to what we wish and where we wish. It does not matter if we achieve that desire in the best possible way or in the worst case. What is important is how we can make the wishes.

Hope the new year be full of beautiful comings and goings, hard and persevered achievements and health for all the people.

Happy New Year

Mar. 2019

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