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Destination or Origin of Orange Blossom

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

It didn’t come true… It was as if they had made us, from the beginning, the way to go. We had a wonderful power for abandonment and resistance. Perhaps, we got used to the leavings and abandonment. What can I say? I took a backpack and left all my daily life, occupations, dependencies, and all my investments: Job, House, and perhaps even my peace, and went away. I had the intention to come towards you. I had to be with you. Since, if I continued as such, I would become more dependent on the walls, doors, and frameworks of my life, while I had something else in my mind and my life was in my dreams. My dreams were continuing. They had to become the reality, otherwise they could dry in our box of wishes. I was afraid how I could satisfy you! And, how to make you move! Anyway, would you accompany me? Could it be that dependence on everyday life upset your mind as well!? May you be afraid? I was afraid of my way, work, and aim, from the beginning that I wished for them. My ill mind was going on and living with travelling, and not with my daily life. My life was going on to the ways that I had never gone, by living in far jungles from human beings, near the night fires, on my feet that intended to touch the ground profoundly.It was going on by imaginations, in front of the most beautiful virgin dawns and sunsets, and on the highest mountains, on the cold sands of oceans, in different lanes of the world cities, with new people with new languages, and with new experiences and hardships. So, What? You should not always be afraid. When we start going, our fear will be demolished (Samad Behrangi, n.d.). I’ve come to you to start and you come with me. Let’s get rid of fear! Leave your life and start living again.

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