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Music is the language of the soul, a concept Mahdokht Mojiri has taken to heart throughout her career as a professional in the music industry. Explore her portfolio to see the work that showcases the highlights of their musical experience and tracks her creative development.

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Persian Love Song / Soprano_Mahdokht Mojiri/ Precaution_Ivan Gianakis/ Composer_Reza Vali
Mahdokht Mojiri

Persian Love Song / Soprano_Mahdokht Mojiri/ Precaution_Ivan Gianakis/ Composer_Reza Vali

Precaution : Ivan Gianakis Composer: Reza Vali Location: koninklijk conservatorium My impression of this piece (Persian Folk lyric) which is related to meaning of a song was this: I am standing by the sea with a linen and cotton shirt, with bare feet on the hot and sun-scorched sand of the beach, anxiously under my handmade wicker tent, and the wind is blowing from the sea… The sea is coming to the shore with hope... It’s late spring and I feel the summer in the warm wind ... On the roof of my awning, the wind chimes of shells are hanging, which I collected from the beach all the days I walked alone on the beach and waited for you to come back, they sing. And I have turned them into bells. The sea wind makes them sound; And The Sea make me to sing this poetic for you. If the two of us have come together in this world, there must be a reason behind it that is beyond our understanding, my beloved one... The world is short, My Love….let’s make love before this world ends… I know you’ll be heading to the seas soon. And I hear the horn of the captain’s ship coming from far away and I’m so scared... That soon the time will come when the ship will come and take you away from me... Let’s enjoy this limited opportunity to be together and Let’s not miss the time to make love. Hear Me, My Love... 🌒I hope you enjoy 🌊 The Hauge February 2024 #singer #vocal #soprano #conservatoireofthehague
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Mahdokht Mojiri, Persian Soprano, From Isfahan Iran.

She believes, the way of singing she chose is like a way of spelling of the emotions and stories she has in her chest, to go with them though to her audiences chest with her inner thoughts and lights.

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