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December 2019

As usual in all countries, in my country Iran, there are various festivals and competitions in the field of music, all of which are held in a competitive atmosphere and at the end of which prizes are awarded and participants compete to reach high levels.

These competitions have only increased the competition among the music students of my country, and they have been trying for a short time to surpass their competitors and win the competitions. Unfortunately, these competitive festivals have caused musicians to forget their main task, which is to establish peace, love, friendship, and tranquillity, and simply just show a competitive face to society.

Follow these thoughts, In my sophomore year, some of my friends and I agreed to hold a festival among our university music students to enjoy different but authentic music during a special period of the festival, and at the end to thank all the participants equally. Although participating in the festival had its own rules, but there was no competition. In the first year of this festival despite all of the difficulties and lack of budget, we were able to organize this festival well at our university level. In the first year of the festival, we shone so brightly that our Ministry of Science praised us and asked us to hold this festival for the second year, but with the difference that it would be at the national level.

We started working for the second National Music Festival immediately after the end of the first season of the festival. I can say that we spent a year preparing and maintaining it, and it was teamwork and friendship that made this difficult path easy for us.

 We did not have enough budget to hold a festival at the national level, and we even did not have a suitable hall and facilities, but with the same small amount of money, we were able to present the best and address the most important points for holding it.

According to the rules of the festival, all participants were music students from all over the country, and the type of music was local and classical in Iran. The groups that met the conditions of the festival were invited to the city of Rasht, which our university was located, and for the duration of their trip, they were given free accommodation and food because they were our guests.

 We also invited some of the great musicians of Iran. Such as Mr. Behdad Babaei (setar player) was proud and came to the festival and even played for us.

Our intention in holding this festival was to spread friendship, peace and kindness through music among the artists of the country and also to get to know each other for their future collaborations away from the competitive atmosphere. we enjoyed it a lot that we finally were able to achieve our goal by holding this great festival. All the participants received this feeling and after the end of the festival, they thanked us very much for holding such a magnificent festival.

I'm glad that I was able to do such a great and well-done job with my dear friends despite all the obstacles and also having enough fun with them.

We still hope that we will be able to hold this festival on a larger scale in different ways.

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