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Romeo and Juliet Opera

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Lyric Theater, Paris – Apr.22, 1862

Gounod looks at the waiting audience from between the he curtains, saying: “It’s amazing. Without knowing anything from this opera. The people have come to watch the first performance!” At the same time, and when I was tidying up my clothes. I say: “After Faust Opera that you composed and the extraordinary welcome, tonight’s situation could be estimated… Mario! Only 5 minutes left. Tide your waist coat. Your boots zips are open! Librettos are in your hand?!... Now we shall have deep breaths and leave our minds free before the performance.” Gounod says: “It’s your night, pals. Make the glory!” The curtains are taken aside. All the audience are standing and clapping their hands. We should perform 5 acts. My heart as beating fast. The chorus starts, and the tenor singer, Mario, sings the first part. Everything is going on well, and Mario and I are emerged in our roles. My interesting part starts: “Ariat, I want to be alive.” I sing it with all the power of my voice, and feel nothing else. My eyes become full of tears, but only see Mario, who is staring at me with astonishment. I close my eyes and perform the drama with all my power.

I only hear the sound of my breaths, and after a wondering silence, there was the sound of the applause of people and confront with the flowers thrown towards me, Mario, and Gounod. I only cry due to happiness. Gounod Cries out: “We were glorious.”

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